Sales Team

Mike DuBois

Mike is retired from the accounting/banking industry after 30+ years. After retirement Mike moved to the South with his wife. Upon the purchase of their new home they had our company install a home-standby generator. Mike was impressed with the professionalism and attention to detail our team delivered throughout his project. Soon after the installation of his generator, Mike met with our vice-president, Scott, and the two decided Mike would be an asset in our sales department.

Even though the procedures for completing a home-standby site visit are somewhat repetitious, the end result is always different – which keeps things interesting for Mike and our sales team. His favorite part of the job is traveling to new locations throughout our East Coast region and meeting face to face with potential customers.

Mike is available to help with the quote process and loves to help our team find the best solutions for all types of generator projects. In his free time, Mike loves to spend time with his grandchildren and amazing wife who pushes him to live life to the fullest everyday.