Michael & Scott Miller

Michael Miller

Chief Executive Officer
Michael became CEO after retiring as a leader in education. AMSCO Incorporated is proud to be a woman owned company. Over the last decade Michael has helped her husband with the organization and design of residential, commercial, industrial and electrical projects. Michael’s background in Policy & Administration includes federal grant writing, federal budgets director, state coordinator, assistant superintendent, multiple administrator positions and Human Resources coordinator.

After retiring from education, Michael became part of AMSCO, Inc which is a for profit corporation that is taking over the ever demanding electrical market that continues to show swift growth. Her PhD in public policy & administration led her to take over the day to day operations of AMSCO, Incorporated. She loves working with people and helping to solve problems and issues that include details needed in all projects. While each day presents a new challenge, Michael loves the teamwork and effort that everyone provides at AMSCO, Incorporated. Her favorite part of her position is working alongside her husband, Scott, to continue to be a family-oriented business that makes sure all customers know they will continue to be part of our company’s family even after a project has been completed.

One of her favorite parts of working in this industry is seeing the project from start to finish. She loves when she can step away from the office and go check out a jobsite. Michael says, “Seeing the finished work of our team gives you perspective of what you are actually doing day-to-day behind the scenes. Seeing finished projects and hearing about customers’ positive experiences is what makes her most proud to work alongside the AMSCO, Inc team of professionals ”.

In her free time, Michael enjoys scuba diving and traveling with her husband.

Scott Miller

Founder & Co-Owner

Founder of AMSCO, Incorporated with 30+ years experience in the electrical field. Scott is originally from South Georgia, He worked as a project engineer with a local company while attending college for an industrial engineering and business degree. Over the next ten years he worked and earned certification in the HVAC-R, Electrical and General Contracting fields. Scott holds certifications and licensure in multiple fields. He has owned HVAC-R, electrical, & general contracting businesses for over 15 years.

Scott Miller is a Licensed Master Electrician. He is experienced in Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing and General Contracting.  He understands the terms precision and attention to detail as he is a multi-instrument rated pilot. Quick access throughout the southeast is made possible through our aviation department.

He continues to enjoy learning and keeping up with all the latest innovations in the industry and helping customers find the perfect solution to their project goals. Scott believes that it is truly exciting to see a customer’s reaction when they see what it can do and how it integrates and improves their life.

Regardless if it is a smaller project or a large industrial project, Scott takes pride in the solutions he and his team can provide for customers. He always works to ensure customers have a great experience, with a focus on attention to detail and exceptional customer service.

When not working with customers throughout the Southeast, Scott enjoys scuba diving, flying airplanes, and planning his next adventure with his wife now that they are officially empty nesters. When Scott and his wife Michael aren’t busy running the company, being together is the best way to refresh and recharge!