Esteban Veduzco

Esteban has worked in the residential and commercial industry including sales throughout his working years. Over a decade ago he began his career working as an HVAC and Electrical technician for AMSCO, Incorporated.

He enjoys learning and keeping up with all the latest innovations in the industry and helping customers in the area benefit from all he can offer them. Esteban is bilingual and customers love his ability to help them understand a project from start to finish. He believes that it is truly exciting to see a customer’s reaction when they see what we can do and the professionalism that comes with our work.

Esteban takes pride in the solutions he and his team can provide for customers. He always works to ensure customers have a great experience, with a focus on attention to detail and exceptional customer service.

When not working with customers throughout the Southeast, Esteban loves exploring the outdoors, riding ATVs and planning his next adventure with his wife Brenda.